About us

Our company


The ARS® Group strives to be the leading body kit manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket body kit industry. Our products have delighted automotive enthusiasts for more than two decades.

Our companies are committed to continuous improvement and excellence, never ceasing in our mission to upgrade and enhance our already exceptional product offering.

We are focused on the latest trends in the automotive aftermarket community, replicating, designing and producing body kit applications for the newest and most popular vehicle models.

We are consumer focused and therefore we continuously improve the quality, image, functionality and durability of our products to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them with the highest value.

Our facility


Our large 40,000 square foot facility located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and our many talented employees, allows us to fulfill even the most demanding of industrial and consumer projects.

Our Home - The Eurasian Mainland's Southernmost City

Johor Bahru, Malaysia's southernmost gem, is a veritable haven where many multinational corporations continue to invest and thrive amongst the numerous industrial and commercial districts of the city. With the continued emphasis on the Iskandar Malaysia - Southern Development Region by the government and business community, and our proximity and good relations with neighbouring Singapore, Johor Bahru is set to be propelled onto the world stage as an industrialized city with world-class infrastructure, ongoing developments of vast magnitude and pro-business regulatory frameworks. We at the ARS® Group of companies are proud to call it home.

Our Manufacturing Plant

Located less than 10 kilometres from the city centre, our large manufacturing facility is constantly being upgraded and modernized in order to better serve the automotive aftermarket industry. Our facilities can cope with high volumes and high capacity output when market forces so dictate. Our large dedicated workforce is ever ready to serve the needs of our customers. Our plant also houses a showroom where we showcase our products and our coating capabilities. Visit us soon to find out what the ARS® Group has to offer you!


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